Thursday, October 04, 2007

I'm not dead!

Update on what's going on with me:

Busy, busy, busy with all kinds of school related things... Still, in that insanity, I've found time to start carding the alpaca Ilana was good enough to send me last December (I think it was last December - how pathetic it's taken me nearly a year?)... It's slow and dusty going with a cat brush and a dog brush... Perhaps would go better with combs or at least brushes of the same time... But the resulting fiber is clean and fluffy and pretty and *so* *soft* - and I am *so* looking forward to spinning it eventually!

Also have found time to make one dishcloth... It's very nice. I have to track down where I found the pattern again and post it along with a picture... My cellphone is seriously on the fritz and I have to get a new one this weekend. Until the new one is functional, I'm SOL on posting pictures. Also went to JoAnn's this afternoon because they are having a dollar off special on organic cotton yarn from Bernat, as well as Felting Wool also by Bernat (not sure if this is a local special or national in-store-only 'cause it's not online). I got Felting Wool to make a Christmas present... a felted bag (not saying for who - that would ruin the surprise)... It's working up really fast. It's over half done and I only started it this evening at around 8:30 and have been knitting on and off while reading. Totally mindless pattern in a good way... I highly recommend Felting Wool; it's lovely! Don't know how it will felt yet, but it looks good even unfelted in a lopi, unspun kind of way. Not sure what I'll be doing with the organic cotton yet... But it's very nice too.

Also, season 3 of Supernatural premieres tomorrow night (that's Thursday, October 4th at 9 pm eastern/8pm central) on the CW. It's going to be *awesome* and I'm so looking forward to it! Can't tell you how much. I'm just barely containing my glee. Will be wearing my Metallicar "I'll only date a guy if he drives a '67 Chevy Impala" t-shirt to school tomorrow. Am also having a little party at my house in honor of the occasion. I highly recommend checking it out. All you really need to know (although you won't be as emotionally invested as I will if you haven't seen everything up to this point) will be explained in the course of the episode, I'm sure...

Check out the official promo vid, recapping Season 2:


La Duchesse said...

Don't feel bad. I'm still slogging my way through dad's cardigan, and I have a scarf to do for someone's birthday... which was in July. And I haven't done much carding, either, since earlier in the year. And my list just keeps growing and growing and growing, sort of like the Energizer Bunny, really. I have to get started on my holiday knitting sometime soon, here, so I do sympathize. :P Suffering for art, neh?

Rachael said...

Totally! I almost want to say it can be a burden to be crafty... but being crafty is too much fun! LOL!