Saturday, October 11, 2008

The WhoFarm

Has nothing at all to do with Dr. Seuss, as much as we love him and his Whos...

Some very thoughtful fellow citizens have come up with a fantastic idea. They want to petition the next president of the United States to have an organic community garden installed on the White House grounds (which are extensive and could support quite a large garden with plenty of lawn left over, you know...). The food grown there would provide fresh produce for the President's table, as well as for State Dinners, with all the rest being delivered to DC area schools to be used for student lunches. They call it the White House Organic Farm or WhoFarm for short. They're looking for signatures to add to the online petition. If you're interested in encouraging such a thing, click.

I'd also love it if the next President would have clothes lines installed for drying laundry instead of using electric dryers. It would save a lot of energy and set an excellent example for the rest of the country. Using a dryer makes up 8 - 10% of the average family's monthly electric bill. Sunshine and fresh air are free, so if one has it, one should probably think about using it. Especially when energy is getting more and more expensive and the economy is in the ridiculous condition it currently finds itself.

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La Duchesse said...

I think that's a wonderful idea! *scampers to sign it*