Monday, August 28, 2006

First day of classes

I've been to two out of my three classes for the day, and so far so good. I feel almost like a Freshman again, in that I'm cautiously optimistic. I've got an enthusiasm for something I think is going to be very, very difficult, but ultimately worth it. I think that this is a pretty good out-look. More on that later in the week...

Tropical Storm Ernesto could be headed our way, and by the time it gets here, would be a hurricane... so we might have a Hurricane Day or two the first week of school. The two profs I met earlier today are either definitely new, or seemingly new to Florida and haven't been through hurricanes before (either from what they said or the impression I've gotten from them), so it should be interesting to see what happens. Current predictions place the center of the storm almost over Lake Okeechobee on Wednesday at 8:00 am. We'll just have to wait and see where it goes as it makes its way northwest from Cuba.

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