Sunday, February 25, 2007

Where might I be from?

How Florida Are You?
Your Result: You are a pure Floridian

You were probably born & raised in the sunshine state. I'm sure you know all about being soaked with reclaimed sprinkler water and have grown bored of evacuating constantly.

You're almost Floridian
You're not Floridian
You're kinda Floridian
How Florida Are You?

You Are 90% Floridian!

WOOHOO!! You Either Are A True Floridian, A Genius, Or Did You Google All The Questions?? Well If Ya Googled It, Try To Remember This Stuff Ok?...Geniuses WTG!...But Last And Definately Not Least To My Fellow Floridians Congrats You've Proved You Know Our State Well!

How Florida Are You???
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You are 85%* floridian!

You are a true Floridian! You have road-rage, a hidden hate for New Yorkers and/or other northerners, and find it to be unbearably cold outside when it is anywhere below 50 degrees outside.

How much of a floridian are you?
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How Flor-i-duh are you?
Your Result: Your a crazy Floridian.

You have been in Florida long enough to know that it doesnt seem like it did on "vacation" and snowbirds and hurricanes are just part of your everyday life.

Your a damn yankee
How Flor-i-duh are you?

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