Monday, June 04, 2007


"I Wish..." An abstract expressionist style painting I did in 2002 while working through some unhappy places in my life. It was extremely therapeutic.

I highly recommend painting like this to get over or work through things. It's cheaper than a therapist and then you get some great personal artwork to keep. You can also paint anytime you want to and you don't need an appointment. A major plus imho.

And anyone can paint like this... That's why I'm not really impressed by abstract expressionist artists 'cause if you can hold a brush to canvas, you can make that style of art. I promise.

The back is completely covered with all the things I had wished to change in my life because, as it was, my life made me very depressed. I'm happy to say, reading them over, that I've changed a great deal of it, in fact, everything that I myself can change. I think I've done pretty well. ;D

I just took it out again because when we moved house a few years ago, the movers tied it down with a rope and rubbed some of the paint off of the sides. Stupid movers... I'm attempting to repair it now that I've gotten my hands on more of the same paint.

What you can't see because the photo was taken far away and is not very good is that the red is very smooth, the gray is rough textured in the direction of how the circle is swirling. I used a wet brush technique for the red and a dry brush technique for the gray. It's all done in acrylic paint and measures 36" x 36."

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