Monday, September 03, 2007

My haircut...

Laura finally sent me the pictures... I hate pictures of myself. They make me cringe. I always think they look horrible, and for this one, I can only say that it would have been better if I'd had more of a warning. I spun around and there Laura was with the camera. But I'm posting this one anyway 'cause I think I need to get over the cringing...

So that's me with my new haircut, my ponytail in my hand. You can see the back of my hair in the mirror, and the lady there in the mirror smiling is my stylist, Randi. The picture on the laptop computer screen there to the left is of Rachel Weisz.

1 comment:

susannaheanes said...


it's really nice!! I like it!

you look happy here.

plus, you look like me. XD