Friday, November 09, 2007


No, seriously, WTF!?!?!

My Theory prof e-mailed me today... an e-mail I just got about 30 minutes ago because I was so exhausted after this week that I literally slept for almost 20 hours... Going to sleep when it's dark and waking up when it's dark again is extremely disorienting and disconcerting to me. ::sighs:: That aside...

My prof e-mails me to tell me that there's a problem with my histiography paper, which is a 5 page paper on a topic having to do with the movie that we have to watch for our big term paper, due a week from Tuesday, about which historians disagree. He didn't name the problem with my paper, just made it clear that there is one, on a *Friday* when no one will be in the office until *Monday*, and asks me to bring in one of my sources for the paper on Monday and have the secretary put it in his mailbox because he'd like to take a look at it. He didn't tell me what the problem was and he didn't say he'd like to talk to me in person. He wants to see the book. As my friend Mia likes to say, this is my annoyed face. ::points to face:: I'm especially freaking out because he's already accused me of plagiarizing once this semester already and I think he's looking for it. I think he wants to make me out to be his one plagiarizer this semester because he says he always finds one... The hell he will because I sure didn't do it! And he can't prove something I didn't do.

I don't know how many times I'm going to have to say this. I did not plagiarize on any paper. I never have. The very idea is utterly abhorrent.


I do not need this shit while I'm trying to write other papers and pass my damn class. I really don't need it causing me health problems and ruining what had promised to be a relaxing weekend.


La Duchesse said...

Oh, no! Not again. *sigh* Sounds like this guy really has it in for you. I wonder what his problem is, other than that he's past it. I'm really, really sorry you're suffering this way! If there's anything I can do, please let me know.

Rachael said...

Again... Yeah, seriously! And I can't even figure out why... I never have done a thing to warrent it that I'm aware of... And because of what he said before when he questioned me about my last paper, that I needed to be particularly careful about my citations (as if I'm usually lax or something), I was doubly careful to cite *everything* even half-way in need of citations. ::rolls eyes:: He's being such an ass.

Can't think of a thing you might be able to do at the moment, but thank you and I'll let you know. ::hugs::