Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baby Bathing Suit - All done!

Yay!! I've finished my niece's birthday present. She will be 1 year old in August, so also Yay! for not procrastinating for once.

It's a bathing suit/romper and matching hat. the colors are much brighter than they appear in this photo, but it's the best my camera phone would do...

Well, its finished except for the buttons to hold the straps and also the crochet around the arm and neck holes so that the knitting won't curl, which Susan will kindly do for me when I see her in probably less than a month. Because I might be able to do things like this with needles, but give me a crochet hook and I'm all thumbs!

The hat might need a simple crocheted string thing to tie under the chin, not sure. Because it looks like it won't stay on by itself, though I followed the pattern exactly. But that would be simple to do if necessary I think.

The pattern is here for those who might be interested. Sorry if you click and lionbrand won't let you look at it. They like people to sign up with for their mailing list before they let people into their patterns.