Monday, April 14, 2008

Hear my Squeals of Joy!!!

Yay!!! I got my wooly prize from Ilana today!! I danced around the living room looking for something to open the package with. And lo, what do I find upon opening? A lovely skein of lovely green Navajo churro wool, a wooly toy for my kitties and a bar of her yummy shampoo-body bar that she made not too long ago I think. *squeals of joy* The kitties are thusfar skeptical of the wooly toy, but I think it's too cute! The soap looks like a piece of candy, I think, and smells like yummy bread dough (I guess that would be the beer?). And the wool is just yummy! It is a single, I estimate at 188 yards. And I love the color! (What did you dye it with?) Kind of forest-y and mossy, and it changes subtly as I turn it around in the light. And it smells yummy too! Not sure what it smells like, but it's yummy...

Thank you so much, Ilana!!! *big hugs*

Also, my friend Phaedra now has a blogspot blog... It will be linked momentarily in the right-hand column.

And in other news, today was made of awesome! Because I got info on the MAT programs at school, had lunch with Stacey (and got my Supernatural Season 1 DVDs back from her after she had borrowed them and didn't give them back for four months - LOL!), Mia and Chelsea, and then went to the mall for boba and chocolate, then to a bookstore where fun ensued, only to come home to presents from Ilana, and then - to top it all off - I just finished Jensen's hat! (*squeals for joy*) Pictures will be up momentarily...


La Duchesse said...

That is one uber-nifty hat, m'dear! I like how the decreases make go in a sort of star-shaped swirl. Plus, it looks very, very warm and comfy.
Mom said it smelled like olive oil! *chuckles* You're probably right about it being the beer that gives it a slightly yeasty smell.
The yarn got a bath with the Suave hair conditioner... something vanilla/brown sugar, I think? That trick (which you suggested last year) really does work, I think, to make the yarn softer. I forgot to dunk it in more vinegar to set the dye (even though I swear I used vinegar when I dyed it originally!)... oops.. which was Wilton cake dye.
I'm really tickled you and the kitties are enjoying (and puzzled by!) your goodies. ;) You's mosht welcome.

Rachael said...

:D Thank you!! It's a great pattern!


Yeah, the yarn smells spicy and yummy. Could be vanilla/brown sugar. Should I dunk it in some vinegar before I use it, do you think?

Yes, thank you, we truly are tickled!

La Duchesse said...

*giggles* Probably wouldn't be a bad idea, even though I don't think you'll be playing water polo while wearing something knitted?

Rachael said...

LOL! no, highly unlikely!