Friday, November 28, 2008

Coal River Mountain update

So Massey has gotten approval for one of their permits. Just one... It's for about 195 acres of the 6600 that they want to destroy. Still, it is one too many, if you ask me.

And the CEO is crazy. Like... I worry about him if this is his world view crazy... He invented a new word in his tirade too. Check out the article and then go send a letter to the Governor of West Virginia to help stop Massey from destroying Coal River Mountain, k? Gov. Manchin is the only person who can really stop what they're doing, so let's put the pressure on, yeah?


La Duchesse said...

Done. The name of a certain CEO was bandied about the office during the campaign, and usually uttered in tones of disgust and distaste.
Of COURSE he calls Nancy Pelosi, et al crazy! It's CRAZY for people to think he needs less money to live... which I say with much sarcasm. *snort*
Thank you for sharing the link to the article and the letter. I hope Gov. Manchin pays attention; I'm of the opinion that, as a person who voted for him and helped get him re-elected, and as a person who pays part of his salary, he really ought to listen to what I have to say. Not that I'm holding my breath..

Rachael said...

You're welcome!

I hope so too! He did stop them from jumping the gun and start blasting before they had permits, as they had been planning to do, back in September... *shrugs* I have hope...