Monday, May 25, 2009


I've finished knitting the shawl I'm making for my sister. It took considerably less yarn than the pattern had indicated. Now I have an entire skein of Malabrigo Lace, plus a little more, left and nothing to do with it. It's my sister's colors and very much not mine. I might hold on to it in case I come up with something else to make for her, but I might also put it up for trade/sale on Ravelry (*loves that feature*). Now, I'm waiting for the blocking wires to arrive from KnitPicks. I decided to order them since I really think it will be much easier to use them to block rather than just using pins and my bed. I want this shawl to look really good.

I'm also working on mitts for my friend Lara. She wants gray owling mitts. I'm using Mirasol Qina. I love this stuff! I think it's my favorite yarn at the moment. I'm worried about the mitts not fitting her though, so I've had to put them down for now until the next time we hang out and I can get her to try them on.

So I am out of projects to work on, since I have no yarn available for anything else and no idea what I could make with what I've got on hand. I guess I'm just uninspired to come up with something.

And, even so, my fingers are itching for a project.

I've ordered yarn from KnitPicks as well. Bare Peruvian Highland Wool. 15 skeins. I'm going to use it for the Lace Chuppah pattern that was in one of the Interweave Knit magazines a few years ago... Am I nuts to be working on a Chuppah when I don't even have a boyfriend, nevermind an impending wedding? I don't know... Maybe it will bring certain energies in my direction. One never knows. But I'm going to make it anyway.

The order hasn't even been processed yet, so I probably won't get it for at least a week.


La Duchesse said...

Nuts? HARDLY! I've only ever known you to be of a more optimistic bent than a lot of other people. That, and it seems like you're more prepared for a lot of eventualities.

I'll be curious to know how your blocking wires work, too. I wonder if I could successfully unbend some wire coathangers for a similar purpose. Hmm.. not that my shawl is far enough along to require blocking. :P

Rachael said...

:D Thanks for that! I do try to be both optimistic and prepared.

I will certainly let you know! You might want them eventually. Not sure about the coathanger, but it might work. The wires I got are 15 almost yard-long wires plus 20 pins for $19.99 (I think) from KnitPicks. I figured that's enough to block just about anything I could knit and I wasn't going to get a better deal than that. I would have gotten the blocking matts too, but they're out of stock until the end of June.

teabird said...

I think that while you knit the chuppah, energies will be going in and out -- that can't be a bad thing!

Rachael said...

That's what I'm hoping. :D