Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I finally finished the quilt I worked on for over six months altogether... I'm told that's fairly quick for a first quilt. It's for Simon, a guy friend from high school who I had a devastating, utterly hopeless crush on for like... Oh, the better part of seven years... Pretty much from the first second I saw him... Sad, very sad... Finally, I had to come to the conclusion that it would never go anywhere and to move on. But anyway, I finished the quilt, which I made in honor of his graduation from college, and sent it to his parents. I think he back-packed through Europe this past summer after finishing a degree in Japanese Culture and Language at Hampshire College. He very well could be in Japan right now. I haven't been able to get ahold of him. I seem to have somehow lost his e-mail address and I can't find his cell phone number, so I sent it to his parents' house, knowing it will get to him eventually.

About the quilt itself... Everything means something... I did try very hard to get patterns that at least shared the same colors and limited them to black, white, silver, red, gold, and blue. The backing is a marigold and red asian dragon motif outlined on black. To the best of my knowledge the fiber content is all cotton and cotton blends, with the exception of the velvets, which have rayon and possibly spandex in them.


sophronia_ said...

ooohhh!! so pretty! glad to say i was one of the lucky ones who saw this under construction. very fine work and i know simon --and his parents --are pleased!!

Rachael said...

Thank you, thank you! ;D It did turn out quite nicely, if a bit too narrow in proportion to how its length. Simon wrote me an e-mail yesterday saying that his parents had received it and sent him pictures via e-mail. He seemed to have liked it. He is, in fact, in Japan and will be there probably until next Spring teaching English to Japanese business-people.