Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wilma update

As of the local Bay News 9 report at 10:49pm, if Wilma stays on the expected track, it will be a Cat 2 when it hits Florida on Sunday afternoon, and it will be far enough south of us that we will have very little weather from it. That is, if it stays on it's currently expected track... You never know with hurricanes. But if that's so, we won't have to evacuate or anything. We are continuing to watch it though.


sophronia_ said...

thank goodness! was so worried. stay dry and under cover! i see you picked up the dishcloth bug from your previous post --addictive, aren't they?
love, me

Rachael said...

Yes, dishcloths are very addictive. They work up so quickly! I'm also designing a "soap cozy" kind of thing. I hope to be able to submit the design to knitty for publication consideration.