Sunday, January 29, 2006


Would like to point out the site of my dear friend, Melinda. We went to high school together and so I've known her... going on eight years, holy cow! She very cool and exceptionally talented. She draws and works in various stained glass techniques. There are examples of her work on her site and that's mostly why I'd like to point it out. She does commissions as far as I know... Do check it out! (Though we are all adults here - right? - I would like to warn that there is a little bit of artistic nudity on the site. If you're sensitive, use discretion.) A link to the site is also available in the right-hand column of my blog, under "Blogs and Sites of Family and Friends."

Note to Melinda if you're reading this: I really wish that there were bigger versions of the sketches and other work on your site. The smaller versions just don't do them justice and raving about them to people I know, but who don't know you isn't cutting it... if I may say... If you want to, sometime when you come over to my house or something, when you get a chance, bring a disk with the files, if you can, and I'll show you how to give them their own page like I did on my geocities site. Then everyone will "oh" and "ah" the way they should when I show them the site. :D It's very sad that they can't see the pretty sketches and glass work in person... :( I feel the need to help them... Pardon my rambling, I'm feeling rather loopy from lack of sleep.

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