Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Yay! I convinced my mom that I do know what I'm doing, am responsible enough to handle lye (well, not handle it... cause that would burn, but use it rather without poisoning myself and others), and will keep everything having to do with soap making entirely separate from her precious kitchen... All of which I had already planned to do, but "lye" being one of my mom's buzz-words, she kinda stopped listening as soon as she heard it and had to be convinced that much harder. I'll be collecting the stuff to make soap over the next several months and have all of it ready to go by the time the herb garden is producing again. I'm planning on using all natural ingredients. If I didn't make it myself or buy it in its most basic form (such as turmeric and paprika to use as dye), it's not going in the soap. ::nods:: Should be good!

In other news: I'm still working on the Mrs. Beeton cuffs and the 19th century hood. It's all coming along. One thing I have noticed about the hood is that I seem to be knitting it a little looser than the sample I have from Susan. I don't know if it is because the original has been felted down slightly, was done on different size needles than those prescribed by the pattern (size 10.5) or if I just naturally knit looser... any could be possible, I suppose. But it's looking good so far and I've had no problems.

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