Saturday, March 18, 2006

Christmas photos

Finally... after almost three months of thinking all of my photos from Christmas in the Carolinas were ruined ('cause that's what the photo girl told me two days after I took them in the first week of January when I went to pick them up... she said they were all blank rolls of film - bs!), I got a call from CVS telling me that they had found one of the three roles and that I could come pick them up... ::sighs:: Anyway, so I got there and they were relatively wonderful! Some of them were out of focus, obviously my fault, but they were pretty good over all. CVS had not made the photo CD that I had paid for, so I had them do that. (The girls who work in that particular CVS's photo processing center are not very good at their job (and seems to all be addicted to using *way* too much mascara). I've gotten answers out them that don't make any sense, like that my photo rolls were blank or that a 24 exp. roll was really a 12 exp. roll... but I digress.) The girl did a pretty crappy job scanning the photos. They have dust all over them, the resolution is horrible, the grain is very visible in a way that it is not on the printed copies, and there was a black margin on several of them that screwed up the contrast. I had to fix all of them in photoshop as best I could. But at least I can share the gist of the photos. It's the black and white role that I took the first several days I was in N. & S. Carolina. So I've got the Red-Neck Christmas Parade, some tomatoes on Jason's windowsill at the Burough and one photo of Rachel & Heather learning the Oompa-Loompa dance from the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" DVD.

Here's the ones that were pretty good despite scanning or too important not to share:

Drunken llama...

The reenactors!!

I'm sorry, they came out blurry, Jason.

The Fat-Back Queen... and His Court...

The rest of the photos are in my photobucket.

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