Friday, March 31, 2006

Spring is in the air...

Despite the lack of rain (going on an entire month without a drop here) and the odd fluctuations in temperature (which I hope does not ruin my corn - again), we've had a very pleasant spring thus far. The garden is looking lovely - green and lush. The zukes, cucumbers and squash have not yet had to deal with mildew. I knock wood that this trend continues a while longer (the no mildew, not the no rain... light morning rain would be very nice right about now). The roses and fruit trees are finally visibly waking up. The herbs continue to thrive. By the end of next week, I expect that the aforementioned veggies will be producing.

The canning is going along as smoothly as I could expect. Because the fruit has sat in storage for a week, some of it was beginning to spoil and had to be tossed. But the vast majority was just fine and firm. There are three more batches of jam to make with the remaining fruit (for a total of five batches out of one wheel barrow minus the spoiled). I hope to get at least two done tomorrow. I have seven half-pint jars and three pint jars sealed. And there's still a whole bunch of grapefruit on the tree. At least twice what's already been picked... And thank goodness it stays on the tree for up to a year without falling off... I have a while to let it just sit there if I need to.

I heard back from the Small Business people. They want me to make an appointment to discuss my ideas at my earliest convenience... Well, unfortunately for expediency that won't be until the second week of May... School comes first, technically one class or not, and I'm too easily distracted by shiny things to deal with worrying about setting up a business while studying... It's strange because most of the time I multi-task very well, but it looks like when it's a major thing, only one thing at a time will do.

We've ordered three more Honeysweet roses to plant in the front yard because the first one did so wonderfully. ::crosses fingers that it continues to do so and that the new ones will be just as pleasing::

School is going tolerably well. I can't really complain about the class, just all the other stuff I'm going to have to deal with in April getting all my ducks in a row for next year... which will, G-d willing, be my last undergrad year of education. But I can't think about that right now... in a few weeks when I can actually sign up for classes is soon enough...

Also, just to prove that it really is spring here, my dad and I went to a Spring Training game yesterday afternoon from 12:30 to 4:00. He got the tickets free from his boss with instructions to take the afternoon off. How nice! :) So we went and it was a great game! Yankees v. Devil Rays at Legends Field. There were several hundred people there... maybe upwards of 1,000? Almost all were Yankees fans... Now, I have no problem with Yankees fans... I just happen to like the Devil Rays much better. Besides being the home-town team (if not the "home team" at that particular venue), they have pretty team colors that I don't mind wearing (I *am* a girl, even when it comes to baseball). So I was somewhat disappointed that there were so few cheering for the Rays. But despite lack of fan support (though us few fans in attendance did our best), the Rays pulled out a win in the 9th by scoring 3 runs for a total of 6 and then shutting out the Yanks in the bottom of the inning. There were several drunk Yankees fans who were bordering on bringing what I can only call "baseball hooliganism" to Legends before the last out was called... They really should stop selling beer after about the 3rd inning rather than the 7th... By the 7th, far too many people have had far too much alcohol... I brought my knitting along with me and got a bit done there in between the chicken strips, fries, lemonade and diet Pepsi... Didn't really interrupt the game watching... This is the lovely thing about knitting.

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