Friday, March 03, 2006


I love dictionaries... I find the oddest words in them. Such as "whimsicality"... it's a word... technically.

Check out my Cafepress store, linked by the little button that says "Whimsicality" toward the bottom of the right-hand column. I can make bumperstickers and t-shirts and messenger bags and magnets now... And not only that, but I figured out how to write the html to make that little button. And it works! I've impressed myself again... :D

There isn't much in "Whimsicality" yet, but I'm working on some more bumperstickers and some other stuff. I just had an impulse the other day... I was inspired if you will, by Lou Dobbs and his editorials about the UAE issue and Outsourcing and all the other crap that the government is apparently getting away with right now.

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