Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I've spun two solid pounds of my four pound stash of white Corriedale wool in the last two weeks (see the photo of most of it)... That might not sound like very much, but today my left wrist started to kill me, and even now as I type, my right wrist is not feeling quite right. ::sighs:: I've got a wrap-around ice pack on my left one now. I'm hoping that they don't fail entirely until Saturday. We're leaving for vaca on Sunday, so Saturday is mostly last-minute laundry, packing and helping Joe outside with getting all the plants in the yard settled for the next week, and I probably won't have much time for spinning. I want to get as much as possible spun by then. After I've got the white all spun and ready to knit, I'll do the brown and the gray, not necessarily in that order. While I'm spinning those, I hope to also have the dyestuffs collected and able to dye some of the white wool to make pretty colors.

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