Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tropical Storm Alberto

How's this for ironic?

We got skirted by at least half a dozen Cat 1 to Cat 3 hurricanes in the last two years, never had any damage to the house or property, thank G-d. A few tree limbs, a lot of leaves, some mistletoe got knocked into the yard, but that was about it. We got skirted by the first Tropical Storm of the year, Alberto, and two panels of the pool screen got ripped off the frame and tossed into the pool... which I just fished out with a tomato plant support post... along with a little green frog who apparently got out of the frog pond and into the pool during the storm, silly thing. The frog is now safely back in the frog pond. I also had to get some posts and prop up the tomato trellis, which blew over during the storm. The tomatoes are so thick on it that they are acting like a sail, and with every little breeze, it falls over now. Most frustrating...

On the up side, the lawn has instantly become completely green over night. Don't you love St. Augustine and Ba'hia grass? Two days ago it was all brown and dry as can be and now it's all green and lush... You can't get lower maintenance than that!

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