Thursday, July 06, 2006


The new issue of knitty was published July 5th. Unlike with the last issue, there are *a lot* of things I like in this one.

The Lacanau "shoes" (although I hate the colors...)

The Fetching, Capathia, and Knucks mitts...

The Perdita bracelets look awesome! Definitely on my list of things to knit soon.

The Muff

Lickety-Split and Dancing Lady socks

Tulip-Toes baby shoes

This Swell hat and this Sock Monkey too...

And these Manresa legwarmers are by far my favorite legwarmers I've seen on the net so far...

Allete angel wings and knitted calla lilies are both pretty nifty patterns...

That's almost every pattern they published in this issue... Don't know which ones I'll end up knitting, there's still so many other things I'm working on.

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