Friday, July 28, 2006

Wow! What a week!

I've been busy. I've been on a "normal" sleeping schedule for the last two weeks, getting up between 7am and 8am and going to bed between 10pm and 11pm... That in and of itself is *amazing*!

I've gotten almost three pounds of wool entirely processed into 2-ply dk weight yarn, all of the gray and two lbs of the white, and today I started on the brown. I've been working on my needlepoint projects and the knitting projects that are currently on my needles. And I've made about a half dozen dishcloths. There is a sale at Michaels this week. Sugar & Cream for $1.00 per ball. So with mom's insistence that she wants cheap presents to give to her co-workers this Christmas, I've stocked up. I also joined a Monthly Dishcloth pattern Yahoo Group. There's some really nice patterns there.

Also, I've decided to start watching what I eat... yet again... Because I've put on some obvious weight. Only about 10 lbs as far as I can tell, but better to check it before it becomes 20 lbs than to just let it go. So I've been making sure that I don't snack between meals when I'm just bored and not really hungry... and I've been eating Special K Berries & Yogurt for breakfast, the 6" Tuscan Chicken sandwich on wheat from Subway (I usually don't like chicken sandwiches, but it's *really* good! Everyone should try it.) and a bag of Baked Lays potato crisps for lunch and whatever my mom makes for dinner... Been doing this since Tuesday. I also have been exercising. On Tuesday and today, I rode my bike up to Subway for lunch and then to Michaels for a bike basket full of yarn and back. That's about 4 miles round trip. On Wednesday, I did housework all day... Cleaned up the living room a bit, miscellaneous other things, and did 5 loads of laundry (I still have three more until all my clothes are clean... yet, I have way too many clothes apparently...) And yesterday, I went with Maria to her barn and rode her horse, Sky, for about 10 minutes before a storm blew up out of nowhere (seriously, it went from sunny and bright to black and threatening in about five minutes - we never saw it coming and it seemed to be centered right over the barn) and there was a lot of lightening too close to us so we had to go in. Got more of a workout getting Sky all tacked up and un-tacked and Maria did most of the work. But it was something...

Zinzi came over on Tuesday evening to visit, and then again on Wednesday to watch "Dangerous Beauty" because someone at work had said that Zinzi is like a Venetian Courtesan and she didn't know what that was exactly, but she knew Hollywood had made a movie about one so she asked me if we could rent it and watch it. She decided that it was indeed a compliment after seeing the film.

So yay... Been a pretty busy week... for me anyway.

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