Saturday, August 25, 2007

Life Update

Well, thought I've neglected my little piece of the web here long enough. I've been back home for something like two weeks. The first week was weird, trying to get back into everything here. This last one has been all about getting my head in the game for classes, which start on Monday. Not taking many, just two, but they are the last two I'll take as an undergrad. So, yeah, trying not to freak out over that... But mostly, I've been a total bum. When I haven't been doing absolutely necessary chores (which tomorrow will include laundry), I've been sitting on my butt in front of this computer, doing nothing of any particular import, or sleeping because I know both things will happen very little once the semester starts, so I'm getting in some last minute quality time while I can.

I went to USF today to get my parking pass (totally at the last minute) and to help my friends buy textbooks at the USF Bookstore (I've already ordered mine from amazon). After that my friends and I went out to dinner and then to the movies to see "The Nanny Diaries." It's a very cute movie! And I think has some important social commentary too. After the movie, we returned to the parking lot to find that I had left my lights on and my battery was dead. So we had to find some nice gentlemen to help us jump it because, of course, I never got my own cables back from the time my brother "borrowed" them. We did find two very nice gentlemen. One was there with his young son and he had been in the concessions line ahead of us and we had talked earlier. He just happened to have been leaving the theater at the same time as we had discovered the car was dead. He had no cables, but was very helpful in finding someone else who did. The other gentlemen had a truck and some cables and brought them both over to where I was parked and between the two of them, my car was up and running within ten minutes. There were two policemen there at the theater, just hanging out and neither of them had been willing to lift a finger to help. This was surprising to me because the last time I left my lights on while at a movie theater, it was a police officer who came to my rescue along with my friend Joe. The police officer had had a small portable battery in his trunk with attached cables for the sole purpose of jumping people's cars. Very nice man. But the ones who were at Starlight seemed annoyed to have even been asked if they had cables we could borrow.

I've done absolutely nothing craft related lately... well, almost nothing. I have worked on the Latin wood plaque I'm making for my friend Lauren. She saw my "ecce virent omnia" one and said that it would be better if it said, "Behold, everything is purple," purple being her most favorite color. So I'm making her one for her birthday, which was earlier this month. It will say "ecce purpurea sunt omnia" because there is no latin verb that means "to be purple." She thinks this is a terrible shame. LOL! I also went to Lauren's work, a paint your own pottery cafe, and painted a sleeping cat figurine. It's not done yet. It needs one more coat of gray and then I have to put pink on it's ears and nose and highlight it's closed eyes and mouth with black. It will be tres mignon (It's funny, I've noticed that when I start thinking about Latin, more of my French comes back to me.), and I will post pictures once it's fired.

When, oh, when will I ever get to my indigo dyeing, not to mention all the alpaca I have waiting...? Perhaps I'll be able to figure that out after I've gotten syllabos mei... or would that be syllabos meos ("syllabi of me" vs "my syllabi")? ::quirks eyebrow:: hmmm...

I still need to get my pictures from my latest trip developed. Perhaps that should go on the To-Do for tomorrow as well... hmm...

In the meantime, I'm hoping if I listen to "Dragostea Din Tei" enough times that my brain will numb and stop worrying over nothing. If you're wondering what that song is, it's this little bit of fun and madness:

Before you ask, they're singing in Romanian...

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