Monday, January 21, 2008

Results of wooliness...

Well, I only really dyed a little sample green the other day. But I over-dyed some of the pokeberry dyed yarn that turned out blotchy. I used the recipe on the back of the food color box for "raspberry." Here's what I got:

It's actually more pink than this, but you get the idea. 4 ounces of a nice saturated mauve. Raspberry. I like it. I think it needs to be a beret actually... even though I really don't like Prince and think his music kinda sucks.

There's a bit of one skein where the color is a little too light. You can actually see it in the photo, so I'm dyeing that skein a little more to see if that will fix it. That skein overall is a little lighter than the other one anyway... I hope to at least get those little places dyed dark enough so that they blend in with everything else... We'll see... Now, I would love pattern suggestions if anyone happens to know of somewhere to find a pattern for a nice monotone beret...

In the meantime, I'm getting things together to *finally* set up an indigo vat. I need something to put the stuff in. Any suggestions for a good, stable fermenting container?


Addendum: The re-dyeing fixed the uneven problem with that one skein, so yay!!

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