Saturday, March 29, 2008

So busy!

I don't know where this week went, but it's obviously gone now. I did horribly on my Latin test on Thursday. Probably worst grade of the semester (hopefully, will get no worse *knocks wood*). But I will not dwell on things I can't change now...

I went to the RenFaire last weekend, when it rained all day, but I did not care, and also again yesterday... My dad had gotten comp tickets from someone he knew through work and since I didn't get to buy anything while it rained (didn't want any of it to get wet), I wanted to go again before it ended for the year... This week, weather was perfect. Pictures will be forthcoming from both weekends as soon as they are uploaded.

I got a picnic basket and a fox tail... yes, an actual fox tail... yes, PETA would hate me... yes, I hate me a little for it too... but not enough not to get it from one of the leather workers... (Those were all the answers I gave to the questions my mom asked when she saw I had it.) *sighs* ... It's silver. And soft. And hangs off the back of my corset. I like. It's costume swag.

Picnic basket is for picnics at Hillsborough River State Park. Yay!

Other than that, been spinning and working on Sophie's birthday present way ahead of time. Got some of Jared's stuff spun. Ordered some green Corriedale and some gray super-fine Corriedale from coppermoose on ebay. It came a few days ago and I've been working away ever since. Will be nice. I like it a lot already. I think some of the gray will also be used as stripes for Jensen's hat.

Only one week left til EyeCon in Orlando. I'm going with Susan. Jared, his girlfriend Sandy, Samantha Ferris, Alona Tal, Jim Beaver, Chad Lindburg, and several other people from Supernatural will be there. Plus, a lot of Supernatural fans that I've met online from as far away as Australia. I'm very excited about it. There will be much rejoicing.

Still to do:
I have to pick out clothes and shoes... figure out what I'm wearing to the Platinum Party and the PJ Party especially. I need to find/fix my slippers. I also need a haircut and a pedicure... and figure out what crafty things I'm taking with to be working on... and an additional um... memory thing... for the digital camera would probably be wise in case I don't have any way to upload while there and take more than 651 photos... which is possible... it's almost three full days of fannish squee after all...

Also, behold:

What dog breed are you? I'm a Labrador Retriever! Find out at

Oh lord! I hate Dr. Phil!


La Duchesse said...

Ooooh....! I hope you have a wonderful time and don't get any sleep at all. :P

I've seen and drooled over CopperMoose's merchandise on several occasions, but I have so much yarn and wool it's not even funny. My stash overflow has now moved into a second plastic bin, and I have several cardboard boxes with roving and such, some of which needs to be re-carded before I can spin it.

The last Ren Faire I went to was about five years ago in Crownsville, MD. I remember people jousting with cabbages and LOTS of people in festive garb. It was too hot for me to wear mine, but it was nice to see all the other people in their nifty costumes.

How do you feel about Corriedale? Do you find it coarse at all? I've heard some people say so, and I just *don't* understand how that could be since it's reputed to be generally soft and fluffy; I know the stuff I got from Stacey fit that description, but I'm hardly an expert.

Rachael said...

LOL! I'll be sure to let you know what happens (minus any spoilers - btw, have you gotten season 2?)

It's nice stuff. Everything I've ever gotten from coppermoose has been amazingly wonderful. He's the only person I want to buy from on ebay.

Oh, one's stash! So much stuff! I hear you! I've actually over flowed my stash place for roving, but I've got room in my yarn stash storage, so I just need to spin more... and of course knit it once it's spun and things will even out again. I'm limiting myself to only buying when I have a specific project in mind. LOL!

No cabbage jousting, just man vs man type jousting at the one here. The weather was perfect. Not too hot, but not at all cold. Last week it rained, but the temperature was good.

I love RenFaires...

I really like Corriedale. Most of what I've ever spun is Corriedale. Some people say it has a short staple, but it works for me. 3.5 - 4 inches... at least in my experience. It has a lot of crimp. Sometimes too much, but usually not. And as long as it's well prepared to remove anything coarse or tangled, it spins smoothly and has a great loft. It can be a little rougher than I'd like if I over-twist it. But I say that's my fault, not the fiber's. As long as I make sure to go smooth and even and not let my treadling go faster than I'm drafting, it makes really nice yarn, probably soft enough to be next to the skin in most cases... not sure if it's soft enough for a next-to-the-skin sweater, but hats, mitts, socks things like that, I would think it would work just fine for. The stuff that's commercially dyed, in my experience, tends to be more harsh than natural fibers, I'm sure due to whatever they do to it when it's dyed. And there is "fine Corriedale" that coppermoose sells, which is 28 microns and really soft and easy to spin.

La Duchesse said...

I've mostly just spun the BrownSheep wool, but I'm not sure what kind of wool it is. The merino/tussah blend is a challenge because it's so slippery. It's really soft and fluffy, though.

This year I want to get some bamboo fiber when we're at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Speaking of which, someone on Ravelry said the Patons SWS does indeed felt very well; I remember you asking about it awhile back.

Funny! I ended up being a Labrador Retreiver, too. And I detest Dr. Phil. We secretly call him Dr. Pill because we find him so self-righteous and pompous. :P

Rachael said...

I'm not sure what the BrownSheep wool is either...

I'd really like to try some bamboo myself... Coppermoose has got some gorgeous looking bamboo... Might have to get some at some point when I get rid of part of my stash.

Awesome! Thanks for passing the info about the SWS along!

I saw that! How many quizzes is it now that we've gotten the same answers on? LOL!

Dr. Pill is an excellent name for him. LOL!

I meant to e-mail you earlier! I got your note today! Thank you very much, and you're most welcome! I'm glad you're enjoying the boys. :D And surprises are always nice... *hugs*

La Duchesse said...

I think it's at least two, maybe three quizes? Artistic minds must think alike, neh?

:D That gives me much leeway to do woolly things, then. *rubs hands together*

Rachael said...

It's true. :D

LOL! It does! Indeed, it does...

Rachael said...

If you feel you need suggestions at any point, there is always my wishlist in the right-hand column. But don't feel you need to, only if you get stumped and don't already have something in mind. :D

La Duchesse said...

I meant to explain about the cabbage jousting. It conjures up an image of cabbages on horseback, armed with lances and wearing armor, but it's people rolling cabbages at each other... not nearly as exciting as it sounds. :P

Oooooh... Yes, Ideas-with-a-capital-I. >^.^<

Rachael said...

Oh, I see! I thought perhaps it was like jousting at targets that just happened to be cabbages or something. LOL!

LOL! I look forward to finding out about said Ideas...