Monday, March 31, 2008

So... EyeCon is coming up...

I have so much to do before this weekend, OMG!

I will be sure to report back as much as possible... No laptop to bring with, so won't be able to do anything until Sunday night at the earliest.


* I got a haircut. It is super cute! OMG! I wish I could post pictures, but I suck at taking them of myself, so pics from EyeCon will no doubt show... as long as once I've washed it and styled it myself, the cuteness doesn't go phhhhhffffttt!

* I got a pedicure. With nail polish called "Jenson Beach Jade"... Yeah, it's not spelled like "Jensen," and yeah, he's not coming to EyeCon (of which I'm actually glad; I want the boy to go home and relax for the weekend, poor darling), and yeah, it's actually named after a real place somewhere in Florida (as are all the polishes by this company), BUT! It's called Jenson Beach Jade and I love it...

* I bought an extra memory card for my digital camera. I now can take 1800+ photos or 1.5 hours of video. FTW!

Still to do:

* homework
* picking out clothes (especially for the Platinum and PJ Parties!) and packing
* find and fix my slippers (the button fell off of one of them a few weeks ago)
* buying various sundry toiletries that I need to get anyway as I am out
* laundry
* decide what crafty things I'm taking with to keep my fingers busy and out of mischief
* I'm sure a lot of other things I'm not remembering right now...


La Duchesse said...

Ah-HA! You're a bum pincher, aren't you, and THAT'S why you need to have your hands occupied! (kidding, of course! :P)

I hope you have a fabulous time.

Rachael said...

LOL! Thanks! ;D

No, probably won't really be close enough to the stars to pinch bums even if I wanted to. I'll be 6 rows back way on one end. I need to have my hands occupied so I don't loose my head with excitement! LOL!