Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Another productive day

Today has been good so far. I've gotten a lot accomplished.

I went out and returned some yarn to Walmart at 8 this morning, bought a rug for my mom, a dog bed for my dog, Baby, and "Alexander" for myself.

Walmart was pushing the Director's Cut of "Alexander," much to my dismay. It had a discounted price. But there's no point in buying that one 'cause it's what the WB forced Oliver Stone to produce to try to up sales on the DVD, "especially in the South" (very subtle of them). They wanted a more "straight" Alexander... something "more like Brad Pitt in 'Troy'." Pu-leeze... ::sigh:: So as a consequence, there's 20 minutes added (mostly stuff with Roxane, played by Rosario Dawson) and 40 minutes removed. So almost no Hephaistion, played by the oh-so-lovely Jared Leto, in the Director's Cut, and even less of Bagoas, as if there were very much of him to begin with. And Francisco Bosch was very good in that role. The doe-eyed sad face was very effective. (Francisco is a Spanish ballet dancer, only 3 months older than me, and this was his first film. - Lucky boy! - Made Andrea very jealous with his dancing. It was quite impressive. She also said that he looks like the perfect "Romeo" and I'm inclined to agree. See here: http://imdb.com/name/nm1492209/ If only he danced in the US and not in England, I might get to see one of his performances.) Imho, Jared and Francisco are two guys who should be allowed and encouraged to wear eye-makeup... especially Jared... Had to travel far afield to find a pics of him with eyemakeup from the movie, but finally found some thanks to JaredLeto.org. See...

But I bought the theatrical cut there anyway, and on my way to my car thought it would be a good idea to check the Target across the street to see if they had it too... I love Target 'cause not only was "Alexander" a full $5 cheaper, but they didn't even have the Director's Cut in stock! (If only there was a SuperTarget nearby, I'd go there on my 2am shopping outings instead of the 24-hour Walmart that's less than a mile from my house. But the closest SuperTarget is all the way out in New Tampa, about 2 miles from the county line... far, far away...) So I bought it again there, and then went back across the street to Walmart to get my money back for the other copy.

I came home and watched it while I was setting up my new computer. Thank goodness! I really needed a new computer. The other one hadn't quite crashed yet, but, at 8 years old and counting, it was getting close. I made the back up disks and was trying to get the internet to work when I got hopelessly confused. So I have to wait until my dad comes home and see if he can help me. I might even have to call Joe and ask him to help.

After a quick lunch, I went out to do some yard work. I planted a rose that I've had in a pot since March, cut down the okra (it was beyond help), and harvested 8 peanut plants and hung them to dry. Now, I'm going to turn off the sprinklers, shower and figure out what I'm going to do for dinner. My parents have open house tonight at their schools so they won't be home until 9pm. Josh is on his way home from LA. He should be home tomorrow late or Thursday. He got to El Paso, TX yesterday around 7pm their time and got a hotel room.

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