Sunday, August 28, 2005

I'm baa-aack...

I got back home yesterday evening from my wonderful trip to the Carolinas. I had such a nice time and it was so great to see everyone there. I really enjoyed staying at the Borough and helping get the new house (or "the hidden house," as the bitties are calling it apparently) in order. Even painting furniture when it is 105 degrees in the shade was fun with the right company, and it's good to get things like that accomplished. The antique shops in Waxhaw are awesome! I highly recommend checking out Waxhaw, NC and the Waxhaw museum to anyone interested who might be reading this. Also, the Rosedale Plantation and the Charlotte Museum of History are well worth seeing in Charlotte. Very cool places! I got a lot of decorating ideas while I was there. I'm going to have to look around in the Tampa area and see if I can find comparable items. And there's a lot going on at the Borough. I'm thinking that if I really get into the Archaeology class I'm taking this semester, if I'm good at it and do well, that I'll try to apply when they offer internship or just volunteer when they are doing digs. That would be really cool, I think. Who knows, I might end up an archaeologist yet...

Since getting home, I've been trying to get caught up on everything that I missed while I was away. The roses have totally gotten away from my mother and I have to do some major work on them before I start back to classes. The rains haven't let up a bit and the air is wet all the time, so blackspot has become a major problem on some of the in-between plants (the young ones and the very well established one seem to be free of it, but most of the ones that aren't quite established but are at least a year old have got it bad). On the good side of things, I've found that I have about a dozen volunteer peanut plants in the garden (goodie, goodie!), and the peanut harvest that I left to dry is doing well in that. The garage seems to be a very good place to dry things, much to my father's chagrin. He's said that I'm not to plant peanuts anymore because he didn't build a $10,000 third-garage for me to use to dry peanuts. But he just doesn't understand that I'm going to install some metal shelving high up on the walls so that they aren't in the way of things to use for drying things... not just peanuts, but also herbs and flowers and other things. I would have already done it, but I haven't been here. ;D So everything will be well enough. He just doesn't know it yet.

Other than the garden, the house is looking good. My parents have been working on getting all the storage space installed in the utility room and the furniture for the new den in place, as well as painting rooms that need painting. I'm going to leave them to that and work on getting unpacked and all my clothes washed and put away properly. Most of the time, they would end up where they land, but I'm trying to change my ways and be organized now.

Zinzi did come to the airport with my dad to pick me up. She wanted to see me and get me caught up on gossip basically. There is drama going on with several people of my acquaintance here in town. I am valiantly trying to stay out of it, but it is difficult when some people are actively trying to drag me into it. But honestly, it has nothing to do with me - even indirectly - and it's none of my business to get involved in it. So, I'm going to pretend that nothing is going on at all. Wish me luck with that! I'll need it!

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