Thursday, August 04, 2005

Josh is home

Josh arrived home early this morning... around 4 o'clock. He leaves again on Sunday to go to Philadelphia. I don't know what for - something with some of his friends who live there, I think. And I don't know when he'll be back again. I don't think it's for a job. He goes out on tour sometime this fall.

It's terrible for me to say, but I get along better with him when he's not at home. Not even 12 hours since he got home, and already he's invading my space without reservation or remorse. If only he'd have the slightest respect for me and my things, I could probably deal. But he comes home and immediately begins complaining about how I should organize my things better in *my* bathroom... Neverrmind that I cleaned his bathroom for him early this morning while he was still sleeping so it wouldn't be dusty or grimy for him. And do I get a "thanks"? Nooo... I'm quite sure he didn't even notice. And when he started unpacking his car, he put all of his luggage and boxes in my darkroom, which was only finished yesterday. I asked him to find somewhere else to put it all because it's my darkroom, but he says he won't unless mom makes him because "if you can put things in there, then so can I." ::rolls eyes:: I hate sibling rivalry.

And if that weren't bad enough, he's started smoking cigarettes since he's been in California. I caught him smoking outside around noon with a friend of his who looks perpetually stoned. At least it wasn't pot that they were smoking, although I know he occasionally smokes that too. ::sighs:: He's my father's biological son, and he knows that cancer runs in his family, that dad is already having lung problems, that Zadde died of lung cancer and so did Bubbe, and still he chooses to smoke. I don't get it. I just don't get it...

Okay, hopefully, I'm done with my immature rant about my brother. I know I can't control his life, but honestly, he could make better decisions and be a nicer person.

I've also got my new computer working. I just needed a disk that my mom had misplaced. Once she got home, it was all done in about 15 minutes. And today, our contractor, Jay, got everything squared away with the last of the touch-up painting and baseboards, and the inspector from downtown came and did the final inspection. So everything is all done now (Yay!! ::wild cheering::) and my parents are going to start moving their furniture this weekend. It's beautiful. I'll eventually take pictures of the new rooms and post them.

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