Monday, August 01, 2005

photo contest entry

No cleverness today... Just this: I welcome comments here or through e-mails.


Favorite Apron said...

Hi Gabrielle - Was reading your blog via a link from the A Bit of Earth Blog. I LOVE and that blue sweater - was thinking of knitting that one up myself. How does it look on a real body?
I like the first pic of hat on a fence post, and the final one of blue sweater with the pink flowers. Good luck!

Rachael said...

Hi! Thanks for your comments. I'm keeping a tally of which photos people like. I'll probably send it at the last minute as usual. Thank you very much for your input.

As to the "Tempting" sweater, it's fun and easy to knit, has a nifty way of closing the two seams, and it looks pretty good on. I haven't worn it very much because I finished it in April when it was already too hot to wear it, but I've tried it on to show friends several times. Jenna Adorno, the designer, has said that she designs all her sweaters with a petite figure in mind ('cause she's *very* tiny), which I definitely don't have. But it still looks good on me, and the neckline is very adjustable. I think if you can wear things like baby-doll tees or somewhat form-fitting clothes, it will look good on you (because the sweater is ribbed, it tends to cling a little). And I saw summer sweaters similar in design, but nowhere near as pretty or well finished, in my local Walmart, so I think this ribboned neckline thing is going to be in style this Fall (could be wrong, but...). Also, there might have been a pattern mistake that I should warn you of. They haven't corrected it on Knitty, but I found that it was a problem for me. I did the XXL size, and in the "Yoke" part of the pattern, it calls for continuing the rounds until it measures 9 inches from the point where the sleeves are joined. Mine needed far less, only 5 inches, which is the measurement given for the smallest size. 9 inches would have been far too long, and even 6 would have been awkward for how the swaeter should sit on me. So if you make this sweater, be sure to watch the fit at that point.

Also, there is a cheaper alternative to the yarn this pattern calls for because, although Debbie Bliss' Cashmerino Aran is divine, it runs around $8 per ball and you'll need between 5 and 7 to do the sweater. Caron's "Simply Soft" (although acrylic, so not as yummy) has the exact same gauge for much less money. Two or three skeins will do it for only around $2.50 - $3.00 each. This yarn also comes in some very nifty colors right now, is widely available, and has a very pleasant hand.