Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mrs. Beeton

I've finished one cuff and it looks quite nice... It feels wonderful! (And why wouldn't it, being mostly cashmere and mohair.) Got some photos...
Made one mistake. I forgot to add the larger beads before joining the ruffles, so the larger beads are in the section where the yarns are knitted together. It looks fine, but technically a mistake. I also added small beads to the fine yarn ruffle, and also more large beads - used 27 instead of 9, in three staggered rows instead of just one. Wanted more sparkle. I was also not terribly impressed with the picot bind-off. It's not nearly as dramatic as it appears in the knitty photos. All in all, I really like the cuff though and I *love* this yarn! Wish it weren't so expensive to do anything bigger with it... On to the second cuff!


La Duchesse said...

Mom wants to knit some of these, too. She got some wine-colored yarn from (gasp!) Purl Soho, but seemed annoyed when I pointed out she might have to lean how to use DPNs. :p

Rachael said...


Yeah, DPNs are absolutely essential for that pattern. There's no way to knit it back-and-forth and have it still look the same. But DPNs aren't as difficult as they look. Really, I know she can do it. One thing though, if she uses the Rowan Kidsilk Haze, that stuff can't take being ripped out... Luckily once you get a few rounds of it going, it tends to not have too many problems as long as you've got good lighting were you work.