Friday, April 14, 2006

Agriculture news...

I happen to subscribe to the Union of Concerned Scientists newsletter. In their most recent issues, they had several very disturbing articles. These are the titles: Pigs engineered to make their own omega-3 fatty acids, Arsenic in your chicken, Organic diets lower pesticide levels in the body, Vegetables are less nutritious than they were 50 years ago, How organic is your dairy? and Grub book celebrates sustainable food.

You can find the articles here:

And to give you a short cut to some things I found particularly interesting, here's some more links:

Find out how organic your favorite organic dairy source is: I was very surprised and dismayed to find out that Horizon scored so low on their scale... In fact, they could not get lower... They are very nearly not organic, and in fact, some would say they are only organic in name. I'm going to be finding another source of milk now... Unfortunately, they don't sell Stoneyfield milk at my local grocery store, only their yogurt.

On vegetables being less nutritious than they were 50 years ago... It doesn't surprise me a bit. Yet another good reason to buy things that are locally produced on small farms or organic... If it doesn't have to be shipped as far it's likely that it was bred for better taste and health than for qualities like firmness which help the vegetables to not collapse under the pressures of being shipped long distances.

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