Wednesday, April 12, 2006

upcoming event at the Waxhaw Museum

Was looking at the Waxhaw town website and saw an advertisement for an event at the Museum of the Waxhaws on April 22nd. It reads as follows:

COLONIAL HERB DAY and PLANT SALE - Saturday, APRIL 22, 10am-2pm Our annual Colonial Herb Day and Plant Sale is the perfect time to get the help you need to start your herb garden! We'll be sharing lots of information on growing , using, drying and storing herbs. Learn how herbs were used in Colonial Days as well as in the present, both culinary and medicina. A large selection of common and unusual herb plants will be for sale to get you started! We will also have a few books on herbs for sale, too. Come early for best selection!

Sounds like that could be fun! If you're in the area and have the inclination, you might want to head down there on the 22nd. More information can be found here:

In other news, I don't know if anyone else has seen those LOTR commericals or not, but they are highly amusing... Other than the Frodo and Sam one, there are at least 3 others that I've seen. The following is a transcript:

"Talking trees? (image of Pipping freaking when Treebeard comes alive)... Good witches? (montage of Galadriel being impressive)... Bad wizards? (Saruman snarling)... Something tells me you're not in Kansas anymore, Frodo! (Frodo falling off the ruin at Amon-Hen) ... The Lord of the Rings on TBS, all this weekend. Eat your heart out, Dorothy! (Gimli chugging a mug of ale and belching)"

(montages of Legolas and Aragorn looking dreamy flash in slow-motion across the screen) "They are fearless... they have dreamy eyes... and their hair is spectacular... They're the studs of Middle Earth... But then again, (Gimli stuffing his face with food and belching) look at their competition!... Lord of the Rings on TBS."

And then there's one that all about all the thing poor Frodo has to go through, just in "Fellowship," and I can't remember it word for word. But it points out the Morgul blade, the nearly dying, the getting chased by wraiths, the issues in Moria and the Uruk-Hai. It was amusing too.

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