Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bad, Georgia! No Biscuit!

I found out a few days ago that the Georgia State legislature has passed a bill, which is now on the governor's desk, allowing Bible Study in public schools throughout the state (not religious study, but specifically the study of the Bible for purposes of indoctrinating children into the religion in a public school supported by the tax payers) and also allowing the display of the Ten Commandments in government facilities throughout the state (not in the context of an historical document that influenced the shaping of American mores and laws [that's the only good argument I've ever heard for justifying the posting of the Decalogue in government/public facilites], but rather in the context of a religious document adding to the authority of the State in an impossing manner.)... Um... *no*! Am I the only one who actually reads the US Constitution?! "Seperation of Church and State"?! Hello?! ::shakes head:: ... So wrong...

I highly recommend signing the petition linked below and/or writing your own letter to Governor Perdue urging him to veto this unconstitutional bill. (Seems a lot of those are being passed by legislatures lately... ::frowns::) Also, if you live in Georgia, adding to your letter a vow that you will vote for his opponent in the next election should he sign the bill into law wouldn't hurt, even if you weren't going to vote for him in the first place... Lord knows I do that all the time in the letters I write to Mel Martinez, Mike Bilirakis and JEB Bush!

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