Sunday, April 30, 2006

The weather & house stuff

I'm quite concerned about this odd spring weather now. In all of March and April together we only got about 1 inch of rain. The average rainfall during those months totals to about 5 inches. This isn't good. According to the 10-day forecast, the next chance we have for rain in next Saturday and Sunday. Most odd, this weather. I hope it returns to normal in May.

The garden however, doesn't seem to be suffering horribly for the lack of rain. The corn needs to be watered daily and everything else on every other day, but it's not dying. Thank goodness for irrigation!

Inside the house, we have new furniture in the living room. I really like it! We ordered a chair, ottoman and sofa from Ethan Allen several months ago and it was finally delivered on Friday.

Now, we just need a new coffee table, two area rugs and club chairs to put in front of the fireplace and the living room will look like an actual living room.

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