Saturday, November 25, 2006

Black Friday

I made a day of it! In the morning, I went to Walmart - found absolutely nothing of even remote interest. Then, I went to Ulta and spent way too much on makeup, but I'm telling myself that that's okay.

Maria, Laura and I went to Countryside Mall in Clearwater in the afternoon. It's huge claim to fame is that it has one of the only, if not the only, indoor ice-skating rinks on the Sun Coast of Florida. Mostly kids use it...

We did not, however... The reason we were at Countryside is that it's got a Torrid, Lane Bryant and a Forever 21... The only mall within a hundred miles that has a Torrid actually... And Torrid was having a 50% off all clearance sale, as well as discounts on various other things. So I got a bunch of socks and a t-shirt there. Again probably spending way too much money, but can't bring myself to care right now. Then we ate lunch at the food court, giving in to Laura's contagious craving for "mall pizza."

Then we went to Forever 21. Laura's dad had given her $200 with an order that she spend it on frivolous things. 60s mod and 70s disco glam are very in at Forever 21 right now. I was so tempted to buy this one dress for Susan because it wasn't that expensive and she'd probably get a kick out of it. I saw it and heard "The Hustle" playing in my head. I can't find it online. I'll have to get a picture of Laura wearing it. But it kinda looked like this one. But it had a very up and down stripy pattern going on. Skinny, wavy little lines in teal, olive green, wine, brown, and cream. Laura looked great in it and I told her she had to buy it, so she did. She didn't want to because she said she didn't have anywhere to wear it, but I reminded her that she was supposed to buy frivolous things and I may or may not have threatened her. ;D We'll *find* some reason for her to wear it! Her almost-boy-friend, Tobias, will love it, I'm sure. By the time we got next door to Icing, Laura was really excited about the dress and picked out earrings to go with it.

Then we went to Lane Bryant. I didn't find anything to buy, but Maria got a really cute red shirt... and possibly a few other things as well.

By that time, it was about 6pm and we were tired. On the way out of JC Penny, Maria and I both took advantage of the pillow sale they were having and bought pillows. Two, high quality, made-in-the-USA pillows for $8.99. Can it get better than that? I don't think so.

We had a fabulous day! Whoever said that Black Friday is a stressful day to go shopping must have never come with us because we had a total blast! I'm only sad that all three of us won't be able to go again next year because Maria will be in South Korea going to school by that time. Ah, well, Laura and I will be able to go, and Maria will be there in spirit.

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