Saturday, November 25, 2006

What to wear?

My brother is really, really awesome sometimes... Once again, he's getting Maria and I tickets to the Next Big Thing concert. ::knock on wood:: He told me I have to check with him next Friday to make sure that my name is on 30 Seconds to Mars' guest list. But as long as it is, we're in... and he's 98% sure that we've got backstage passes too. So with some seriously good luck, we'll be standing 5 feet from Jared Leto for another hour of our lives. Woot!

Seriously excited. Already planning clothing, makeup, etc.

I got new eye makeup yesterday at Ulta and today at CVS. I figured awesome eye makeup is a must this year because 30 Seconds to Mars is very intensive with theirs. It's *the* thing at these kinds of concerts if the last several I've been to were any indication. I've still got a few more things to get... There's this new product that will put little jewels on the tips of eyelashes... got to get that. I also might need to get some eyebrow something or other... I got out my old bindis (you remember when Madonna was wearing them? Like 7 or 8 years ago? Well... so was I...) and will use small jewels for the corners of my eyes. I may need to get fake eyelashes... My makeup has this peacock feather kind of thing going on... Here's a bad picture that doesn't really show the color right:
The color is much more intense than this.

I've got spray glitter for my hair and body glitter for strategic places on my face. Now, I just have to figure out what to wear. I have no clue 'cause this kind of makeup isn't the normal thing I go for, so getting my clothes to properly match or contrast the intensity is going to be a challenge.

Empire waist stuff is very "in" right now. I've got a black, off-the-shoulder, smocked baby-doll top. Matched with jeans, it would have that stylish look, but would be subdued enough that my eyes would be the star without the overall look being too over-the-top. I think anyway. I also have a red/teal/white silk/chiffon halter top which is empire waisted and has fringe and sequines. It's very over-the-top. I have yet to wear it anywhere. But it may go with the eye makeup... I dunno...

I'll wear flats, whatever I do. I know the limits of what my feet tolerate and standing or walking in heels for any longer than an hour is pretty much it.

Even if we don't have backstage passes, we'll not be going in the mosh pit, so I don't need to worry about having to wear something that can survive such a trial.

I need to remember ear plugs! Last year we were standing behind the speakers for two hours without them. We were deaf for quite a while and slowly our hearing came back over several hours. It was so worth it though! But would be good to be prepared. Also, need to get Kodak High Definition film! Definitely want a repeat of the good photos.

Did I mention that I have to make sure I'm all done with my term paper before the concert? 'Cause it's due the next morning at 10 am... Timing, oy!

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