Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Day after Halloween...

Maria was the only person who took me up on my offer... We went to the Citrus Park Mall and watched all the yuppies with their kids Trick-Or-Treating as we ate dinner in Rice & Company - a very nice little Asian-fusion restaurant inside the mall. I had Japanese Bagels (sushi with smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado) and Pad Thai with a pot of Oolong tea. Yum! Wore my costume... Maria, poor dear, didn't have one. :-( But that's okay, it was fun anyway.

Then we came back to my house and we watched "Most Haunted Live" on the Travel Channel until it ended at 11pm and then we turned on "Ghost Hunters", the 6-hour live event, on Sci-fi. Grant, Jay and the rest of the crew were investigating the Stanley Hotel in Colorado. This was the hotel which inspired Stephen King's "The Shining." Pretty freaky... It was an interesting evening. I taped the whole thing and we helped out with watching the webcams live on their website. I noticed a door close and wrote to them about that... Apparently, it was a member of the crew who closed the door and not a ghost, but I couldn't see anyone from the angle at which the camera was set. Ah, well... We'll hear the results of what they found or didn't find next Wednesday. I can't wait to hear!

"Most Haunted Live" is more of a guilty pleasure... I think at the very least most of it is really fake... Not that the people who are doing it are necessarily faking things, they just don't go about things in a scientific manner and they exaggerate a lot of things out of ignorance. Feelings and psychic communications are taken as real evidence of ghosts and the paranormal. Tapping, banging, etc in walls and ceilings are never investigated to see if it could just be 1.) air in old pipes or 2.) someone playing a prank... They also don't seem to understand the difference between dust being caught by the light from their equipment and real energy orbs. Since those elements make up the bulk of the "evidence" on their program, it's all pretty silly to me... But it's fun to watch on Halloween anyway.

So Maria and I enjoyed that while sitting around, not eating candy (though I did have cake and my left-overs from dinner), and doing homework... Perhaps that's one reason I'm having a difficult time absorbing Chapter 11's vocabulary and grammar elements? I'm being too distracted by paranormal tv shows...

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