Monday, January 22, 2007

USDA Corruption of American Democracy Continues!

Please, pass this on and write your elected officials immediately! Copied from

The following document is the Report of the Committee on Livestock Identification of the U.S. Animal Health Association, from a meeting on October 17, 2006. Present at the meeting were USDA Undersecretary Bruce Knight, Dr. John Clifford, Dr. John Wiemers, and Neil Hammerschmidt.

On p. 14 of this document we have a hint about a very dangerous game that the USDA may be intending to play with our way of life and our ability to keep livestock. The last paragraph on page 14 describes a recommendation that this Committee of the USAHA has made to the USDA:

Two recommendations were considered by the Committee. The following recommendation was approved by the Committee.

That USDA-APHIS-VS with input from the National Assembly of State Animal Health Officials (NASAHO), promulgate an interim rule that establishes a list of Consistent States for Cattle Identification. The rule would provide for restriction of interstate movements other than direct to slaughter from non-consistent states. The rule would specify that consistent states have established by law, rule, order, or other means requirements that all breeding age cattle be officially identified by means of official tag or registration brand or tattoo at each change of ownership, other than movements direct to slaughter, or movements through one approved market and then direct to slaughter. Further, that consistent states have import requirements that all such cattle be officially identified prior to import or at first point of concentration. Consistent states may grant waivers for such requirements for interstate movements which are part of normal operating business with no change of ownership and for seasonal grazing/feeding as agreed to by the state and federal animal health officials of the states involved. Further, that this interim rule be promulgated prior to July 1, 2007. In addition, the Committee recommends that a follow-up rule be promulgated prior to July 1, 2008, that establishes consistent states as those that have in place similar requirements for breeding aged cattle upon change of ownership for feeding or grazing.
-Report Of The Committee On Livestock Identification

The Committee has recommended that, prior to July 1, 2007, the USDA should promulgate an “interim rule” that would prohibit interstate movement of cattle from any state that fails to REQUIRE THAT ALL BREEDING AGE CATTLE BE OFFICIALLY IDENTIFIED at each change of ownership. Such an “interim rule” would make it impossible for any state to resist, because it would become economically isolated. Also note that an “interim rule” can be promulgated WITH NO PRIOR OPPORTUNITY FOR PUBLIC COMMENT.

Is the USDA planning to follow this Committee recommendation and force NAIS upon the entire nation by means of a dictatorial “interim rule”? It is bad enough that the USDA has been killing off American agriculture for decades; don’t let them kill off democracy.

Please send a copy of this message to your U.S. Congressman and your two U.S. Senators. This scheme must be stopped in its tracks.


sophronia_ said...

fiddle-dee-dee.... federal policies threatening economic isolation, hmm???

isn't that just what instigated the order of secession in south carolina?

mama always said the south would rise again. i say it's about time.

has anyone gotten any dignified response from any congressional letters sent on the NAIS issue? i'm still wondering if they've even managed to read anything about it.

Rachael said...

Wouldn't succession be nice if it were an option... So unfortunate that the Feds have made that "unconstitutional"... Of course, didn't South Carolina never officially surrender at the end of the War Between the States? Latest news from NoNAIS indicates that South Carolina is moving right along with NAIS unfortunately.

However this treat is not stopping Washington, Indiana, Missouri and Virginia from considering legislation to stop NAIS. Texas is considering a law that will prohibit their DOA from making it in any way manditory. Also Maine and Washington have passed legislation which states that they refuse to comply with the REAL ID Act. If only we could get more of the southern states to jump on this bandwagon. Where's are rebelous spirit gone?

I've not gotten any sensible response out of my elected officials. I got one response from Ed Homan which made me think he might have actually read my letter to him. He said that there was nothing he could do about my particular complaint because the USDA is Federal, he's state and there have been no civil rights violations reported to him about an incident in Florida. I responded with a letter about the legislation that has been proposed in VA, et al. That was early last week. He hasn't written me back yet. A few other people have gotten some kind of response. We just have to keep trying. I've sent more than 20 e-mails this week alone. Eventually, someone has to listen...