Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Non Timebo Mala and other things...

I've had products on Cafepress.com for a while now. Doesn't make all that much money. Took about three years to get it up to about $50. But that did buy me two super cute t-shirts.

Because of my recent obsession with both Supernatural and Latin, I've created a new line of products that I'm still working on. After looking around the cafepress site for swag, I was shocked to find that no one has done anything with "non timebo mala," which is engraved into the barrel of the mystical Colt revolver which has been imbued with the power to kill anything between heaven and earth. It means "I will fear no evil." 'Tis a very big deal on the show, but no one's done anything with it. So I've taken it upon myself and put up a new store. I'd like to find a public domain silhouette image of an old Colt revolver to add to the t-shirts, but I haven't been able to find anything yet. If anyone happens to know where I can get my hands on an image, please do let me know... I wish I were better with graphics programs so that I might be able to make one myself.

I'd also like my own image of the Metallicar (so called because it's an amazing black '67 Chevy Impala, in which Dean is constantly blasting classic rock music... like Metallica... though really most often it's AC/DC and "Back In Black" has become her theme song) for a totally different line of products based on the fans' love of the Metallicar. She is the third character on the show. Dean calls her "Baby" and I would prefer to stick with his terminology, but fans will be fans and come up with their own lingo for things.

Here is a video tribute to her which I found:

And for the whole story of the Metallicar, you can just watch this:

So yeah... I want to do some of those products, but haven't done so yet...

For other things I've thrown together you can see any and/or all of these stores:


There will be more after the semester is over and I have more free time to waste creating products...

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