Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Random stuff

So I decided what I want for my b-day from my parents... My birthday was almost 4 full months ago, but it's taken me a long time to narrow it down... It was down to a laptop or the Hitchhiker from the Merlin Tree. I'm going with the spinning wheel because I figure that while a laptop might be mighty convenient through the end of the year when I graduate, what would I really *need* it for after that? Whereas the Hitchhiker will mean I can spin pretty much wherever and whenever I want to... I can take it to school, to the movies, on car trips, to the beach (although not outside at the beach, it would stay safe in the hotel/beach-house... sand gets everywhere and in everything = not good!). And it will ::crosses fingers:: last years and years and not become obsolete. A laptop will have to wait until grad school...

Also, was looking over my birthday tarot reading again. I was talking about it today with some of my Latin class friends. We were talking about how great she is and possibly planning end of the year pranks, and also tarot somehow. And I mentioned how I'd done a reading at the beginning of the year and Prof. M is very clearly my Queen of Swords in that reading. It's very true... She's a powerhouse!

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