Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wow! What a day!

In a good way... I think... It seems like many days all squished into one... Has this ever happened to you?

I went to Latin this... yesterday morning... well, early afternoon - at 1pm. We had a nice class. We have an exam tom-- today! So it was mostly going over last minutes stuff and things that will be on the final exam next week, this being the last class before the last class when we're going to be busy with a test instead of reviewing for the final... Anyway! (can you tell I'm really tired? I am... but I have to write this down first.) So at the end of class, our poor professor, Prof. M, who had all 4 of her wisdom teeth taken out last Friday and is still very doped up on Vicadin and very swollen so that her accent is even more pronounced, she said her goodbye til tomorrow and then said something about "nobody bother Jordan." Well, we turn to look, and there's Jordan, leaning against the wall, sound asleep. Poor thing had been up all night the night before working on stuff. The whole class just about died. But, not wanting to wake him, we did that quietly. We were gathering our stuff up, and he still didn't wake up. So I think it was Amber said, "Come on, everybody come outside and then we'll slam the door!" We all thought this was a great idea, so the whole class, laughing quietly at our cleverness the whole way, went out the front door, instead of the back, which would have taken us right past Jordan, which might have woken him up, and we gathered just outside the door. Some people went to stand by the back door, which was just a few feet down the hall, so that they could look in the little window and see what happened when we slammed the door. So as soon as Michael, the last left in the room, came out into the hall, Amber pulled the very heavy and notoriously loud door shut with a resounding *bang!* Which I'm sure the entire floor heard. The entire class then nearly killed ourselves laughing (I'm sure neighboring classes were very displeased). Those at the back door most especially because they got to see Jordan jump up at the noise, while the rest of us only imagined what it must have looked like. He came outside moments later, red-faced that he had fallen asleep in class without realizing it or intending to, and he took it all with very good grace, most especially considering how very tired he was.

Then I went to lunch with Stacy at the student union and we called up Mia because she had been absent from class. Turns out, she was just waking up after a late night of working on homework and other trivial things. ;D So we told her to get out of bed and join us, which she did just in time for Stacy to be leaving to go home with her boyfriend for lunch. I was the only one of us who ate lunch right then. So Mia and I went over to the Marshall Center where a (self-identified) Pentecostal preacher had set himself up, wearing a hunters'-camo baseball-type hat, a white dress shirt, nice black pants and waving a King James Bible in his hand. He also brought his wife, conservatively dressed and with hair in a long pony-tail that nearly reached her knees because she's never cut her hair, and their three children of about 5, 3, and just a few months old. He said he had brought them with him so that we, heathens though we are, would be less inclined to spew profanities at him. What-ev. I mentioned to Mia that I had translated the entire exorcism ritual from "Supernatural" the night before and that if we were braver and had some Holy Water, we could try to exorcise the demon that must be in his very disturbed head. She laughed and I have resolved to bring a copy with me tomorrow in the hopes of finding someone who is willing to try it because I am not brave that way.

By the time our Roman Lit class came around, Professor M (the same we have for Latin) was no where to be found. The class starts at 3:30, and by 3:45 she was still not there. Amanda, myself and another student whose name I don't know went to investigate and we found that Prof. M and the head of the Classics department were both gone and the one person over in the Classics part of the Arts & Sciences building had no idea where they had gone. But he decided, since our whole class was there and had been expecting to have class, he would try to teach it, just because. He tried, but didn't quite get there really, because his specialty is Ancient Greek Literature, and apparently that's different enough from Roman to make a significant difference. We were supposed to have read the Dinner Party at Trimalchio's chapter of the Satyricon (Which was highly amusing, I must say!). The professor tried to help us discuss it, but after about 15 minutes decided he really didn't know enough about it to teach a class like that spur of the moment, so he let us go. Later I found out that Prof. M was feeling very poorly and the Classics department head, who is also a very good friend of hers, drove her home because she could not continue for the rest of the day and she couldn't drive herself home. They were in such a hurry to leave that they did not even leave word that the class was canceled or why they were leaving unexpectedly. For this to have happened, I know she must have been feeling absolutely awful because she has an amazing work ethic and practically has to be on her deathbed to not teach a class. I hope she is better very soon. She's too nice a person to be under the weather.

So having class canceled like that threw off the day a bit. It was like we had had class, but we hadn't. So I went to the library where Mia was studying for our Latin test which is... today... until I had to leave to head over to the mall where my seminar class was meeting at Mr. Dunderbak's, a very interesting German "beirgarten" and restaurant. They have over 16 imported German beers on tap and pretty much anything else you can think of in a can or a bottle. I don't drink like that, so I had a diet coke, and a Reuben for dinner. It was yummy... Not the best I've ever had (that honor goes to a little place at Five Points in Columbia, SC), but it was good. After talking about the Professor's own dissertation from 6:30 - 8:30, we broke up. It was an interesting class experience in a restaurant instead of a classroom. I kind of wish that all of our seminar classes had been conducted that way.

Then I returned to the Library where I worked on Latin with Mia, Olivia, Stacy and Jordan until around 2 am, when the Library closed and Mia, Jordan and I decided a run to Denny's was in order. It was all very interesting. Jordan is a philosophy major - Neo-Platonic philosophy especially, and something else I either can't remember the name of or can't pronounce right now, and it's far too late to try - and he takes it all quite seriously, so he's got some interesting ideas about how the universe works, which he's always quite willing to share. It's nice though that he acknowledges that it's not for everyone though and that that's okay. For example, he says that trees don't have souls. I, however, like to think that trees do have souls simply because it makes me happy to think this. I love trees. He says that it's my tendency as a human being to anthropomorphize my environment, which I don't deny is exactly the case, but that's all okay. I think if he couldn't acknowledge such things that it would be very difficult talking to him... Still interesting no doubt, but probably difficult. It still is difficult in some respects because while in some ways he's quite enlightened, in others he's stodgily narrow - such as the whole what makes a Jew a Jew question and whether or not homosexuals have the ability to be Jews (that's right, the *ability*, he says, which he says they don't). He has far-out-there, "No, Jordan, you're totally wrong! And couldn't be more so! Why are you such an idiot about this!" opinions in these areas I have found (and not cause I was fishing either), but as long as I steer clear of these topics, we're good. Mia, by that time, was almost completely asleep on her feet. So I shuttled them back to their places around 3:30-ish and was home around 4 am...

Now, to sleep myself before my typing becomes so incoherent the spell checker will self-destruct!

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