Friday, February 22, 2008

Hey!! Kripke!!! Over here!! You need to see this!

Okay... y'all who don't watch Supernatural, don't need to worry about this. Those who do, you might want to read and add your two cents. Those who can be considered a Power That Be, go read this because it is for you.

An open letter to Eric Kripke (and Ben Edlund and Sera Gamble), airing just some of our collective grievances over the last several episodes, if not the entire third season, in a very coherent and well-thought-out sort of way. Really, Eric, you need to see this. The truth hurts, but I think you'll learn from it in the long run. 'Cause we're kinda pissed you killed off Henricksen. We might not forgive you for that for quite a while. At least until April. So sit on your hands a minute, and read, k? (Lord, I hope Eric reads this... if not, there are people planning to print it and send him a copy... 'cause like I said, we're pretty pissed.)

Also, Bela and Ruby speculation that I think would be really interesting and possibly fix the season.

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