Friday, February 22, 2008

Thoughts on Supernatural, 3.12: "Jus In Bello"

Obviously, there are ***spoilers*** here. And if you don't watch the show 1.) you should, and 2.) you won't understand any of this, I'm sure.

Onward... (I made this as brief as I could.)

* Bela's not funny. Dean and I are not amused. "... nothing about me." *sighs* I'm sorry, but this is getting old. Boys, darlings, seriously, send Ruby to get her and get the Colt back. Simple as pie. Simpler even. In any case, I'm disliking Bela more and more with every episode that she's in and I don't care what Kripke has up his sleeve concerning her. It can't be that good.

* Henricksen's such a badass. *giggles* If he didn't back it all up as well as he does, clueless as he is about what's really going on, I'd have to say "all icing, no cake." But he's got cake. And he is so all about the condescension when he has things to do. Also, he is like the calm eye in the middle of hurricane in the scene where the police are figuring out just how surrounded and cut off they all are. Check him out. You know, if he had lived through this, I could totally have seen him becoming a hunter... He could have been like the Anti-Gordon, you know. And that would have been really cool! Damn it, Kripke! Why so quick to kill off when you get bored?!?! See, Henricksen is a pretty steady guy. Not many could get possessed and be that... if not okay, at least maintaining afterward. And he learns really fast! Why, Kripke, why?!?!?!

* Nancy is so sweet. What is she doing working in a police station? Then again, it's a little town, so they probably don't have big time criminals to deal with often... if ever... But still, sweet girl... and obviously skilled in First Aid.

* Sam spoke Latin like it was his second language! That is so hot! ... So we're ending exorcisms on "audi nos" in this ep, huh? That's a new one... In fact, this is a new arrangement of the exorcism ritual... And they're ending on different "audi nos"s in each... and not the previously used ending, which was with an invocation of "the Father." Hmm... (You know I'm going to analyze these eventually, right?) Although, in the tape-recorded exorcism there, Jared was so just reading that off a page and had no idea what he was saying... I'm going to assume that there's a reason why they're ending the ritual with "audi nos" here and not with the prescribed invocation because I don't want them to have done that just for time, thinking no one would ever notice. Because there's no way I could have missed that if I'd tried. (Latin geek? Me?)

* You know, this episode is really good with the suspense... I'm on the edge of my seat at every commercial break, going, "No!! Come back here and tell me what happens next!!!"

* "Yay!" for anti-possession charms! Obviously, they've gotten more from Bobby. Also, I love the tattoos! Very nice! I also adore that Nancy is all concerned about them and asks, therefore making it necessary that they show us the tats to begin with. But really, I hearts the tattoos! If I were the type, I'd probably be going to get inked tomorrow, but am not... so will just pet the boys' tats from here...

As to the positioning of the tattoos, I've paused my DVR for closer inspection... Sam's looks crooked. Maybe inverted? Maybe. Because he's standing at the same angle as Dean to the camera, and his is definitely closer to being inverted than pointing upward. Now, the question is was that on purpose or did the make-up ladies make a mistake putting his on? Only time and another glimpse at the boys' flesh will tell...

* "Honestly, I think the world's gonna end bloody. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't fight. We do have choices, and I choose to go down swinging." How very Viking of you, Dean. (Did I mention that I love the Vikings?... um... the Medieval Scandinavian people, not the football team...) Just when I think I can't love you any more than I already do, you say something Viking-ish and I "Guh!" just a little bit more inside.

* Hmmm... Virgin sacrifice. Did not see that one coming... Aww!! Nancy!! Look at her! She's so sweet! She's totally all Iphigenia at Aulus right now! And that would totally make Dean Achilles. The bestest of the bestest of all Greek heroes. Yay!!! *cheers*

* I have to say, Sam's willingness to go with Ruby's plan and not even try any other way without some serious prodding from Dean is rather... worrisome... 'Cause no matter how it turned out in the end, I'm with Dean on this one...

* Oh, Ruby, so pessimistic. "I'm disappointed. Because I tried. I really did. But clearly, I bet on the wrong horse." Oooohhh!! Is she going to want to switch sides now? Has she been all along and she's been like a double-agent? Has she done anything but play them for fools since she showed up? How come none of the demons outside go after her when she leaves? I'm full of questions about Ruby.

* I can't think of a better new Big Bad at the moment. And of course Lilith has got to be in the form of a little girl. Sam and Dean would be expecting a full-grown, probably smokin' hot woman. A little girl would be more likely to pass under their radar until it's too late... Now, we know it won't come to that... 'cause they're The Boys, and they'll eventually figure it out. But I think it's a very interesting way to start this part of the arc.

* You know, I'm really glad that they flip-flopped these episodes. I think it's a really good thing for story flow that "Dream a Little Dream of Me" (where Dean finds out what would happen to him if he dies in fulfillment of the Deal) and "Mystery Spot" (where Sam finds out what would happen to him if Dean dies) are now right next to each other, and then this episode happens where they find out who the new Big Bad is. If this one had been between "Dream a Little Dream" and "Mystery Spot" I think some of the momentum would have been lost.


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