Monday, February 06, 2006

Gonna be quick...

This has to be quick because I caught the stomach virus that my brother had earlier this week yesterday morning, and although I'm feeling much better than I was yesterday, I feel like something just hit me in the head when I opened this window to type... But I want to write this down somewhere so I don't forget. I think I've decided on a name for my soaps... "Candide" or "Candide Soaps" or even "Candide Savons" (Would that be the correct plural in French? It's been too long and I can find my textbook to remind myself.)... Because candide (and candid - I just like the French spelling better) are from the Latin for "pure" or "bright" (and also "white," but that's neither here nor there). According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it means "free from bias, prejudice or malice," "marked by honest, sincere expression," and "indicating or suggesting sincere honesty and absence of deception." Since I intend to make soaps that are free of artificial colors and fragrances and composed of all natural ingredients, I think that the name is appropriate. It's also kinda a synonym of both "plain" and "simple," which I think is kinda neat since "Plainly Simple" is the name of Susan's site.

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