Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hand creams & such

After checking about the price of plastic and glass containers for stuff like hand creams and salves, I've found that it's probably not going to be economical to produce them to sell via the net unless I went way high production, which I really can't. Even so I tried out the recipe I had, since I have all the supplies and it very interesting... It's somewhere between a cream and a salve. I used peppermint oil and it has a very sweet, Christmas-y scent now. I put it in Ziplock storage containers about the size of a pudding cup... I have three of them. They will probably be given as gifts later this year, if I don't use it all up myself in the meantime. I think I'm going to stick to soaps... the other stuff seems too involved and pricey for me at the moment... It's just as well.

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