Monday, February 27, 2006


Got through my midterm! I think I did really well. I certainly hope I did. Next week, we'll get them back and go over them, and then we'll get a chance to take them home over Spring Break and revise whichever essay we choose for a reconsidered grade.

I also got all of the corn planted this past weekend. I don't know how I was able to manage that and studying, but I did. Thank goodness!

Let's see... What else...

I started on a second Twilight Hood, since it's just plain knitting, and I plied the Corriedale that I spun several weeks ago. I think I'll probably use it for a simple shawl for myself or I'll work it up into another Twilight Hood or two because it's the same weight as the Cotswold that I'm working with. Still working on the Sontag as well. It's slow going at this point as I'm trying to figure out how to decrease for proper effect. Also thinking of spinning up the rest of my black Merino for muffettees... I'm going to see if I have enough.

Also, has it's Winter Surprises up... I like "Starsky." I think I'm going to try to knit it up for myself with some of the cotton I have... but first I have to finish the 2nd cuff of my pair of Mrs. Beeton.

In current events...

I'm glad that Mardi Gras is going on this year. New Orleans still needs help... if only I knew what I could do...

I'm totally outraged by Dubai Ports World possibly being allowed to purchase American ports. I'm actually outraged that *any* foreign company period is allowed to buy American infrastructure. If I had known about a British company owning it before now, I would have been outraged then... Outsourcing America, Homeland Security, Americans should do for Americans, yada, yada, yada... Can you tell I love watching Lou Dobbs on CNN? And Jon Stewert and Steven Colbert on Comedy Central. Did you see on CNN that representatives sent to the UAE embassy in DC (to meet with elected officials there to assure them that DPW's deal for the ports is on the up and up) *refused* to speak to CNN because, and I quote, "CNN won't shut up Lou Dobbs"? I couldn't stop laughing... Do they not understand the concept of a free press, not to mention freedom of speech? Apparently not... Over a week later, I remain completely unconvinced that it's a good idea, and have written to all of my DC elected officials appraising them of my opinions. I hope you have too. And unlike Bush, I do see a difference between a British privately owned company and an UAE government owned company. Britain - ally... UAE - *if* an ally, a recent one... Britain - not involved in 9/11 attacks and biggest supporter after 9/11... UAE - involved in 9/11 in the following ways: 1) several hijackers UAE citizens, 2) money for Al-Qu'ida funneled through UAE banks, 3) UAE refused to allow US government to trace funds of hijackers through UAE bank system immediately following 9/11... UAE slightly and justifiably suspect? I'd say, "yes." Is it because the people of the UAE are Muslim as some people have vocally claimed? No... Notice how that doesn't even need to enter into my list of differences... I think bringing that up as a reason is no different than people defending OJ saying that the only reason he was suspected of having murdered his ex-wife and her friend was because he is black... It's ridiculous.

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