Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Three things

1.) I'm done for the semester! Yay! Cheer! Had my exam last night. I think it went well. My grade will be posted online by the end of the week. I hope to find a way to arrange to get the test back from Mr. Hughey, but he's not sure when he'll be on campus again... Perhaps he'll leave it with the History Department secretary... I've gotten other exams back from other profs that way before.

2.) "Hellboy" is actually a pretty amusing movie... I never liked "Beauty & the Beast very much and I haven't seen nearly enough of Ron Perlman's other work. But "Hellboy"'s amusing in a snarky, sarcastic kind of way. I liked it. Oh, and I just found out that "Hellboy 2: The Golden Army" is in pre-production.

3.) More movie news... of the "Brokeback" type. Got this in an e-mail from an interested friend. She's very excited. Excerpted from PlanetOut.com's entertainment section, column "The Loop" by Jenny Stewert:

"In a recent interview with AfterElton.com, author Patricia Nell Warren indicated that her acclaimed and truly amazing 1975 novel, The Front Runner, may finally be made into a film. 'We're very excited, and we're cautiously optimistic that we are finally going to get the kind of film deal that we had hoped that we'd get,' Warren said.

"With talk of a film version of the novel floating around Hollywood for more than 30 years now (get this -- at one point, even Paul Newman was attached to the project), Warren's 'cautious optimism' is valid. The recent success of Brokeback could definitely help get the film made, and like Brokeback, The Front Runner is quite simply a strong love story that seems primed for the big screen.

"And for a film that would center around a tough, 39-year-old ex-Marine track coach who falls in love with the young male athlete he's training for the Olympics, imagine what an interesting casting call that would be. Brad Pitt and Michael Pitt? George Clooney and Josh Hartnett? Hmmm -- this is too good to pass up. Stay tuned to PlanetOut next week for our Front Runner casting call!"

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