Monday, May 08, 2006

Current projects

I'm sorry to say that the Sontag is on hiatus at the moment and will likely remain so until November... Possibly until after the New Year. I am working on shawls for Jeb Stuart right now. All knitting and spinning that I do between now and the end of September will be solely for that end.

On the sewing front, I have several projects.

I want to make accessories for the summer... In case I go to the beach at some point. A sarong and a cover-up shirt. 1.) I got a Caribbean blue cotton shirt fabric for the sarong. It has little tie-dyed flowers in a diamond pattern all across it. I think it will be very cute. I just have to cut it to size and hem it on my sewing machine really quick. 2.) I got a cotton gauzy kind of fabric with teal, Caribbean blue, light green and lavender stripes of random and alternating thickness. They kind of bleed together so the they seem to fade from one color to the next. I'm going to cut it on the diagonal so that the stripes will go diagonally across my body and there will be a handkerchief type hem with a point in the front and in the back. The sleeves will bell out at the wrists and also come to a point at the sides. I think it will be cute. I might do some other things with it too. I'll have to wait and see...

3.) I'm working on the modern "obi" for the 18th century robe I got from Susan. I'm going shopping for the fabric tomorrow.

4.) I found a wonderful shirt at Lane Bryant yesterday and just had to buy it! It's like a silk handkerchief babydoll shirt with a thin strip of silk that is attached to the middle of the front and ties at the back of the neck. The problem is that it's sleeveless... I don't do sleeveless... So I though, well hey, I can make a shrug or something. Went to JoAnn's tonight and couldn't find a thing. I was going to give up and just get the other two fabrics that I had picked out cut and leave. As I was waiting in line, lo and behold, I found a remnant of brick colored 100% linen fabric in the bargain bin and got it for 7 bucks. WooHoo! So I'm going to be sewing that up as soon as it comes out of the washing machine and is dry. I got the "pattern" for the shrug here.

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