Thursday, May 04, 2006

Katherine Harris

Heads up all Floridians: Do *not* vote for Katherine Harris for Senate! I got two reasons without doing the research that I am too tired to do right now... I'll do it later and amend this, but for now, two reasons. 1.) She's one of Bush's cronies. She was the Secretary of State who kept messing with the recounts back in 2000, and she did it with the most godawful, supercilious smirk on her face. She was also involved in Bush's Presidential campaign... Conflict of interests much? I'd say so... 2.) Bill Nelson, the man she's running against, seems like a really good guy and I have yet to suspect him of being in anyone's pocket. He seems to have integrity. Anyone who knows me knows just how rarely I say that about a politician. The letters I get from him in response to the letters I send him do not have the patronizing, belittling tone that other politicians' form response letters tend to have. I also have yet to disagree with the way he's voted on any issue of which I am aware, and he seems to really want to do what is best for his constituents in a fair and balanced kind of way... and really, what more can one ask for in a Senator?

If you need more reasons to not vote for Katherine Harris and to vote for Bill Nelson, just google their names. See what you come up with... I think you'll be hard pressed to find many nice things about Katherine on any page that she or her supporters didn't pay for, even in newspapers, etc. Bill, on the other hand, comes off, as I said, as a really nice guy.

Here's some links, just to be fair...

Katherine Harris's campaign site.

A better Katherine Harris site.

Bill Nelson's campaign site.

Bill Nelson's official Senate site.

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